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History of the Club



Origins and Early History of Marlow Park Cricket Club

Currently located in Higginson Park since the mid-1930s the club had previous locations including Riley Park (Sainsbury’s Car Park) and the grounds of Marlow Football Club.

Early fixtures included matches on Wednesdays, the half-day closing day for shops in the town, most of these players either owning or working in the shops. At this time fixture cards noted the name Marlow (Working Men’s) Cricket Club with the name being continued until 1950.

In January 1950, the Committee, which included a Knight of the Realm, decided to re-name the club Marlow Park Cricket Club in an attempt to reach members of all classes with the view that the Working Men’s name could carry restrictive connotations. 

Thus, Marlow Park Cricket Club in Higginson Park was born and has been successfully providing a beautiful river side setting for members to enjoy socialising and the quintessentially English sport of cricket.

Clubhouse Build 1
Clubhouse Build 2
Clubhouse Build 3

Marlow Park Clubhouse under construction 1960.

Barry Gibbs, Dennis Green, Dennis Lidgley, Bob Plumridge, Pip Ayers and Wally Faulkner (Designer).

MPCC Working Men Team.jpg

Mr Boris Karloff’s Cricket XI v Marlow Working Men
Higginson Park, June 22nd 1936.

BACK ROW: G. Rees-Jones, J. Neil, R. Sparks, T. Burnard, E. Page, G. Moore.
SECOND ROW: H.Huckins, G. Twitchen, A. Field, A. Dunnett, M. Gilbertson, A. Fenesty, H. Moore, A. Sparks, P.Kinnell, Mac. Cooper, D. Brickett.
FRONT ROW: W. Weller, W. Southam, L.Ryan, L.J. Smith, Esq. (President M.W.M.C.C.), Boris Karloff (Capt.), A.W. Oram (Capt.), Sidney Howard, H.Langley, G.A. Reid, F. Edmonds.

[Photographed by Greyville, Marlow]


1890 Cricket Match, Marlow.

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