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Match Reports


Played At Higginson Park, Marlow

On Sunday 9th May 2021

40 overs a side

Marlow Park’s players arrived to remove the ropes around the square, which had dried well after the teeming rain the previous day. They then restored their bodies with a bottle or two of refreshing beverages as their opponents trained on the outfield.

Having won the toss, Cookham Dean elected to bat first in a match which saw catching by both sides equal in brilliance to those seen in top professional cricket. Indeed the first wicket fell to a catch by Derek Goosen, which brought a big cheer subsequent to his problem of the week before.

Dave Brooks and overseas all-rounder, Samad Falloch took the score past fifty when Brooks departed, caught by Shez Mirza off Brent Lombard, who also had James Milligan caught by Del Hoggan and Cookham Dean were 65-3.

Falloch and Kirk Luciw had added fifty-three when the latter drove Vaughan van de Linde towards mid-off where Lombard lunged forward, dived and took an amazing catch, held between the sides of his hands.

Joe Hoggan picked up a couple of wickets from diametrically different deliveries. He lobbed a high full toss to Falloch who smote the ball to the extra-cover boundary where Lombard (yes it’s him again), ran with his right hand outstretched and plucked the missile out of the air to complete an outstanding dismissal. Falloch had hit six fours in his 62 runs. The bowler then got one to pitch fairly wide outside the leg stump, the ball viciously spinning back behind Sriskanar’s legs into the stumps.

Derek Goosen took out a couple of youngsters and it was left to the last wicket partnership of Singh and Pateman to enable Cookham Dean to reach 186 before Murray Wallis had Pateman caught by van de Linde. It was considered that the total was about thirty runs under par.

To start with it looked as if it was a hundred too little as van de Linde and Mirza accumulated thirty runs from the first two overs, indeed Dean’s opening bowlers went for ninety runs from their nine overs. Mirza was out to a sensational catch behind the wicket by Brooks, who was standing up to the pace of Noel-Baker and had the merest fraction of a split second to take a low nick going in the direction of first slip.

Brent Lombard, who was having a match to remember, launched three sixes over the long boundary until he was caught at cover when Milligan ran in to give the spectators another example of great catching. He had scored thirty-seven.

Pete Stephens hit a six and a four, then made a last-second attempt to turn a ball to leg but missed, then Kyle Bradley took time at the crease until Del Hoggan joined van de Linde to steer Marlow Park to a comfortable victory by six wickets. Vaughan van de Linde hit eleven fours and a six in his 86*, slowing down towards the end of the proceedings, hitting fourteen consecutive singles before driving the winning boundary.


Dave Brooks c. Mirza b. Lombard 17

Isaac Richardson c. D. Goosen b. Coote 10

Samad Falloch c. Lombard b. J. Hoggan 62

James Mulligan c. D. Hoggan b. Lombard 7

Kirk Luciw c. Lombard b. Linde 15

Lashvein Sriskanar b. J. Hoggan 8

Harrison Atkinson b. D. Goosen 1

Freddy Noel-Baker c. and b. D. Goosen 0

James Taylor c. D. Hoggan b. D. Goosen 13

Dyan Singh not out 19

Mark Pateman c. Linde b. Wallis 8

Extras 26


Total 186


Fall of wickets: 1-18, 2-53, 3-65, 4-118, 5-133, 6-135, 7-135, 8-139, 9-163, 10-186.

Lombard 8-1-30-2, Coote 8-0-41-1, Van de Linde 5-0-20-1, Stephens 5-0-33-0,

J. Hoggan 7-1-15-2, Wallis 2.3-0-17-1, D. Goosen 4-0-26-3


Vaughan van de Linde not out 86

Shez Mirza c. Brooks b. Noel-Baker 8

Brent Lombard c. Milligan b. Taylor 37

Pete Stephens b. Taylor 12

Kyle Bradley c. Sriskanar b. Pateman 10

Del Hoggan not out 18

Extras 19


Total for 4 wickets 190


Fall of wickets: 1-30, 2-100, 3-115, 4-157.

Noel-Baker 4-0-41-1, Singh 5-0-49-0, Taylor 8-0-36-2, Falloch 8-2-24-0,

Pateman 4-0-10-1, Atkinson 4-0-18-0, Sriskanar 1.2-0-6-0.


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