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Played at Higginson Park, Marlow

On Sunday 23rd May 2021

24 overs a side

May this year has already become the tenth wettest in the last 180 years, yet we have only lost one game to it. This one nearly disappeared, but carried on despite a rainy forecast for later in the afternoon. The skippers agreed to have a 24 over a side game so that a result might be achieved before the expected downfall.

Vaughan van de Linde has implemented a violent explosion to the start of his innings recently, a technique which is causing opening bowlers to quiver, the lovely shiny new ball whizzing to the boundary in microseconds.

Accompanied in a forty run opening stand by Donovan Caalse, he continued with an equally aggressive Shez Mirza until he reached his half-century and his Captain called him in. He had struck six fours and a couple of sixes. Mirza also had the ‘call’ after his seventh four brought up his fifty.

Other batsmen chipped in and when the twenty-four overs were up, Marlow Park had reached 174-4, a handsome score.

George Timms with thirty-five to his credit was Crowthorne’s top scorer, but they were never anywhere near the required rate. Shez Mirza took 3-8 and Sam Coote picked up three catches, two from up in the air and another on his ankles. He surprised his teammates when he was bowling, when Gerhard Kruger smashed a delivery straight back, aimed exactly between his eyes and inexplicably he dropped it. Marlow Park won by 53 runs and the forecasters had got it wrong again – it didn’t rain for hours!


Vaughan van de Linde Retired 52

Donovan Caalse c. D. Kruger Taylor 12

Shez Mirza Retired 53

Pete Stephens c. Taylor G. Kruger 12

Del Hoggan c. Wolf G. Kruger 11

Simon Atkinson Not out 3

Sam Coote Run out 6

Chris Goosen DNB

Jack Head DNB

Brent Lombard DNB

Derek Goosen DNB

Extras 23

Total for 4 wickets 172

Fall of Wickets: 1-50, retired at 103, 2-120, 3-147, retired at 150, 4-172.

Bowling: Wolf 4-0-20-0, Outram 3-0-15-0, D. Kruger 2.5-0-25-0,Taylor 2-0-16-1, Partridge 4-0-33-0, Timms 1.1-0-16-0,G. Kruger 4-0-19-2, Golding 2-0-13-0, Scott 1-0-12-0.


Joe Davies c. Coote D. Hoggan 15

George Timms c. D. Hoggan Atkinson 35

Gerhard Kruger c. Coote Mirza 10

Nick Outram Bowled Mirza 4

Luke Taylor Not out 17

James Scott LBW v.d.Linde 4

Patrick Golding c. Coote v.d.Linde 0

David Kruger LBW Mirza 5

Mike Wolf Not out 8

Dan Partridge DNB

Kieren Golding DNB

Extras 21

Total for 7 wickets 119

Fall of Wickets: 1-31, 2-67, 3-67, 4-75, 5-86, 6-86, 7-106.

Bowling: Coote 4-0-20-0, D. Goosen 4-0-23-0, Hoggan 4-0-21-1, Stephens 4-0-8-0, Atkinson 2-0-16-1, Mirza 3-0-8-3, v.d.Linde 1-0-1-2, Caalse 2-0-10-0.


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