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Played At Higginson Park, Marlow

On Sunday 16th May 2021

28 overs a side Game Photos

Saturday’s match having been cancelled due to the pouring rain, the fact that our ground was fit for play came as a welcome surprise and initially the sides agreed to a forty over match.

Marlow Park batted first and lost two early wickets followed by Vaughan van der Linde, who scored the majority of the early runs leaving with forty-nine on the board. Kim Barlow entered the ring to accompany Derek Goosen who then played like a man possessed and with his partner content to take singles to give him the strike, he smashed a six and eleven fours not all of which crossed the boundary at deep mid-wicket (aka cow corner) to which area Knotty Green posted two fielders!

They added seventy-eight for the fourth wicket and when his partner departed, Goosen continued to a career-best total of 74, made on a day when most of the other batsmen found scoring tricky. After 28 overs had been bowled, the rain joined in and when it relented, by negotiation, it was decided that Marlow Park’s innings would close, giving Knotty Green the same 28 overs to chase down the runs.

With a slippery run-up it was clear that Park’s spinners should do most of the bowling, Joe Hoggan’s leg-breaks picking up the first three batsmen to depart, including one falling to a boundary catch by Derek Goosen.

Park’s success was partly helped by Kamendu Patel who took a lot of time making 33, mostly one at a time, before he retired hurt with exhaustion. The star of Knotty Green’s innings was their captain, James Crump who found the boundary on several occasions including a six over the Clubhouse when taking sixteen runs off Simon Atkinson’s first over.

Park’s skipper Brent Lombard has an individual sense of humour, which meant that he gave the bowler another go. A mis-delivered offering saw Crump’s eyes light up as he swung his bat in the expectation of another six. He mis-cued it, the ball reaching the great height of at least three feet as it dollied towards Kim Barlow, standing at slip.

The fielders witnessed the ball gently bounce off Kim’s sweater and find its way to his feet, and had the joy of knowing that whatever they might drop during the rest of the season, it could not possibly be as easy as what had just happened!

Barlow redeemed himself in the next over by pinning Crump LBW for fifty. Atkinson got a stumping, then with eight balls left of the innings the players were regaled by the Club’s President who encouraged them to ’get on with it before the rain comes’. They glared back – what’s the silly bugger on about? At 6.38 p.m. the match finished with Marlow Park winning by 13 runs.

At 6.39 p.m. the heavens opened at it was still hammering down two hours later.


Vaughan van der Linde c. Sutcliffe b. T. Patel 27

Kyle Bradley b. T. Patel 0

Donovan Caalse c. Woods b. Allison 5

Derek Goosen b. J Patel 74

Kim Barlow b. Slade 16

Brent Lombard LBW b. Slade 1

Shez Mirza Not Out 9

Dave Noray Not Out 5

Joe Hoggan D.N.B.

Simon Atkinson D.N.B.

Del Hoggan D.N.B.

Extras 19

Total for 6 wickets 157

Fall of Wickets: 1-18, 2-31, 3-49, 4-127, 5-135, 6-141

Bowling: Desai 5-0-25-0, T Patel 5-2-9-2, Upadhyay 6-1-43-0, Allison 5-0-38-1, J Patel 4-0-29-1, Slade 3-1-6-2


Mikey Woods b. J. Hoggan 6

Colin Blunden c. D. Goosen b. J. Hoggan 0

Kamendu Patel Retired Hurt 33

Matt Sutcliffe LBW b. J. Hoggan 12

Aarsh Upadhyay b. Mirza 18

James Crump LBW b. Barlow 50

Paul Slade St. Bradley b. Atkinson 0

Priyam Desai b. Lombard 5

Jigar Patel Not Out 5

Jordan Allison Not Out 4

Thomas Patel D.N.B.

Extras 11

Total for 7 wickets 144

Fall of Wickets: 1-2, 2-13, 3-28, 4-53, 5-126, 6-132, 7-134

Bowling: J. Hoggan 7-1-22-3, Mirza 7-0-36-1, Barlow 7-1-23-1, D. Hoggan 2-0-16-0, Atkinson 3-0-31-1, Lombard 2-0-9-1


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