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Match Reports


Played at Higginson Park, Marlow

On Sunday 2nd May 2021

40 overs a side

Marlow Park’s skipper, Brent Lombard put the visitors into bat hoping that his strong batting side would have a decently high target to chase.

Things were a bit slow at the start with the Captain failing to concede any runs from his first four overs. When the openers did manage to do so in his fifth over, it became too much and he took himself off.

Hillingdon Manor reached 74-1 when Sam Coote came on and ruined the match. In his eight-over spell he took 5-11, making his figures for this season 11-87 to date. Perhaps he should have been taken off earlier!

Kim Barlow then had Roop Sharma trapped in front of the stumps and the last pair were in. Being a sporting chap and trying to give Park a bigger target, he bowled a few gentle deliveries to Mike Eyre. Unfortunately the batsman made the cardinal error of smashing one of these to the cover point boundary causing the bowler’s hackles to rise. That was the end of Eyre who looked behind him to see the stumps shattered and Hillingdon were all out for 120.

With no cups of tea available because of covid-19 restrictions, the players took advantage of the Bar and in a light mood, the game resumed with Dave Noray and Jordan Turner opening for Marlow Park.

Turner only hit boundaries, but after four of them returned to the aforementioned Bar leaving Jack Head to enjoy a ninety-two run undefeated partnership with Noray, the only difficulty coming towards the end when both neared their half-centuries. Thanks to some accurate advise, Noray reached his target by bringing the team to one run behind, leaving Head, who was on forty-seven, the opportunity to achieve his half-century, which he did with a six fired towards the Pavilion, bringing him the glory and just avoiding braining a passing child and missing a window by inches.

A victory by nine wickets caused more celebration, the opposition contributing by attempting to drink the Club out of whisky.


Andy Gurdial st. Bradley b. Mirza 13

Ganesh Shankaran LBW b. Coote 40

Gurch Chagger c. D. Hoggan b. Coote 13

Bharat Bhushan LBW b. Coote 1

Mandeep Rechall c. Bradley b. Mirza 2

Asalan Nassar b. Coote 0

Vickram Chawla c. Head b. Coote 2

Graham Rice run out 5

Roop Sharma LBW b. Barlow 6

Raj Nair not out 1

Mike Eyre b. Barlow 16

Extras 21


Total 120


Fall of wickets: 1-36, 2-73, 3074, 4-75, 5-77, 6-79, 7-87, 8-98, 10-120.

Lombard 5-4-4-0, Hoggan 8-0-33-0, Mirza 8-1-37-2, Coote 8-3-11-5,

Barlow 5.4-0-21-2, Walker 2-0-5-0.


Dave Noray not out 50

Jordan Turner LBW b. Eyre 16

Jack Head not out 53

Extras 6


Total for 1 wicket 125


Fall of wicket: 1-33.

Eyre 5-0-26-1, Rice 3-0-14-0, Nair 3-0-24-0, Chawla 3-0-24-0,

Sharma 2-0-18-0, Nassar 1-0-9-0, Rechall 0.4-0-8-0.


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