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Updated: May 24, 2021

Played at Higginson Park, Marlow

On Sunday 25th April 2021

40 overs a side Game Pictures

In order to win a match, a side has to score more runs than the other. It therefore helps if runs can be heavily restricted and so it happened this day.

Medmenham were put in to bat, with a bitterly cold east wind searing across the ground, Bagwell using his favourite cut shot to hit a few fours before the open area was restricted. Brent Lombard and Vaugha

n va

n de Linde bowled the first ten overs with only 27 runs coming off the bat.

Kim Barlow and Sam Coote continued the policy of ‘why get them out if they’re not scoring’ until Coote took wickets in his sixth and seventh overs. He has gained some speed in his deliveries, not doubt helped by shedding two stones over the winter. Indeed his figures for the day were 8-4-10-2.

The middle order, when they made it to the crease, had ago at Park’s latter bowlers, but at the end of the 40 overs they had reach only 167-6.

Jordan Turner plundered nine fours and two sixes in his undefeated 75, supported at the outset by Lombard who made twenty-one of the opening stand of forty-six.

Kim Barlow popped in with five fours in his rapid 23, then being unsure whether to attack or defend a ball from Carter, left it and was bowled. Jack Head made a welcome return as he and Turner added a further thirty-two and upon his dismissal, Donovan Caalse, in his immaculate whites strode to the crease. It was probably a colder blast of wind that distracted him as he guided the ball back into the bowler’s hands. Not to worry, he’ll come good in warmer weather.

Sam Coote joined Turner as they scampered and blasted fifty-three runs to bring Marlow Park a victory by 5 wickets and another celebratory jug.


G. Bagwell c. Coote b. Mirza 60

H. Bussell b. Lombard 10

John Yarwood LBW b. Coote 20

M. Watson-Smythe b. Coote 0

Jim Yarwood b. D. Goosen 28

J. Bussell not out 12

P. Harrison b. vd Linde 10

C. Benson not out 12

Extras 15


Total for 6 wickets 167


Fall of wickets: 1-29, 2-72, 3-79, 4-120, 5-135, 6-146.

Lombard 5-1-18-1, van de Linde 8-0-23-1, Barlow 8-0-38-0,

Coote 8-4-10-2, Walker 2-0-13-0, D. Goosen 4-0-24-1, Mirza 5-0-32-1.


Brent Lombard c. Harrison b. Baxter 21

Jordan Turner not out 75

Alan Walker c. and b. John Yarwood 5

Kim Barlow b. Carter 23

Jack Head c. John Yarwood b. Clarke 8

Donovan Caalse c. and b. Clarke 0

Sam Coote not out 14

Extras 24


Total for 5 wickets 170


Fall of wickets: 1-46, 2-52, 3-87, 4-115, 5-117.

John Yarwood 8-0-54-1, Baxter 6.2-0-30-1, Carter 6-0-16-1, Jim Yarwood 4-0-18-0,

Clarke 3-0-14-2, Harrison 3-0-15-0, Benson 2-0-13-0.


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